Making Dreams a Global Reality

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Youth Mentoring based in Shreveport, Louisiana

Giving our youth a chance to succeed is one of the best ways to ensure a positive future for our communities. Based in Shreveport, Louisiana, The S.P.O.T. Successfully Preparing Our Teens is a intervention tool that offers youth mentoring programs for adolescents from grades 7th through 12th.

Our goal is to build individual character and give adolescents future employability skills and a lifetime of success. In order to achieve this goal, we will need the support of volunteers who wish to mentor the youths in their communities, as well as financial contributors to help our programs grow locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Invaluable Assistance
The S.P.O.T. is dedicated and committed to preparing our youth for a successful future that is worth looking forward to. This will be accomplished through the implementation of character and leadership development skills taught in an enjoyable environment while providing a safe atmosphere. 

We impart teens with valuable information and skills along with intervention and support services that will help them in the present and prepare them for the future.

"Making Their Dreams a Global Reality"

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